Investigation Services Worldwide is a full service investigative agency designed to provide you with exceptional, personalized service.  We are available 24 hours a day to meet your needs.  The management team has more than forty years of experience


Gary De Campo has more than 44 years in the investigation industry.  He is originally from Melbourne, Australia where he owned and operated a successful investigation company before moving to Scottsdale Arizona where he also owns this agency and commutes to Honolulu, Hawaii and Queensland, Australia regularly to service his clients. He is hands on with all of his cases and is experienced in all aspects of surveillance, skip tracing, locates and back ground checks.  He is well respected in the insurance industry providing years of successful surveillance results. He has the highest success rate of video surveillance. He brings a wealth of diverse experience. 

Chris Geer  owner operator SIG global Qld Australia business partner and colleague for over 20 years,