We are a full service investigation agency headquartered in Arizona and provide corporations, insurance agencies, law firms and private individuals with professional investigative services.  We personally handle all cases throughout Arizona, Florida and have associate offices to assist with your investigative needs throughout the United States, and Australia.  We specialize in providing services to attorneys and insurance companies in the defense of claims.  Our investigators have over 40 years of combined experience and are hands on with every case.  We never use subcontractors, are licensed and insured, and will get you results! 

We are one of the most respected agencies and a leader in the field, specializing in all types of surveillance. We are available 24 hours a day and will provide you with a written report and video documentation to support our findings.

Please call us at  407-267-9332 or email infoisworldwide@gmail.com for all of your investigative needs.  All calls and emails will be returned within two hours. 

When to Hire an Investigator:


Are you living in doubt and worry, and have noticed changes in your spouses activity and routine; suspicious behavior such as hiding cell phones, discreet computer usage, lying about whereabouts, suspicious phone activity, decreased sexual appetite, frequent trips or any behavior out of the ordinary? Are you involved in a child custody issue? Has a child run away from home and you want to locate them? Are you looking for missing relatives or friends?

You need peace of mind and  ISW can discreetly and professionally carry out the investigative needs you require.  Surveillance is our specialty.


Are you concerned about your daughter/sons partner? Is he or she who the say they are? We can conduct extensive background checks which include all the history required; from criminal background, financial activity and all past employment and locations. We have state of the art data bases which are not available to the general public. Make sure your son or daughter and you know the person they intend to spend the rest of their life with. Above all, GET PEACE OF MIND.


Our data bases, combined with many years of investigative experience will help you  find  missing family members you have never met or have been kept from you? Do you want to know where your mother or father are? Do you need to locate a missing business partner? Would you like to locate a childhood friend or sweetheart? Let us assist you.